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Negotiations continue regarding Dan Snyder’s potential testimony to Congress

Mike Florio discusses if Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has something to hide and why the NFL may be afraid of Snyder.

Congress and Commanders owner Dan Snyder continue to discuss the terms, conditions, and date of his eventual testimony.

Unless, of course, Snyder is simply hoping to run out the clock on the current Congressional term and, in turn, the investigation (if the Republicans retake the House).

“We remain committed to securing Mr. Snyder’s testimony on the toxic work environment at the Washington Commanders following his failure to appear voluntarily at the Committee’s hearing and his continued refusal to allow his attorney to accept service of a subpoena,” a spokesperson for the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform said Thursday, in response to the letter from Snyder’s letter identifying possible dates for testimony in July. “We are continuing to negotiate with his counsel to ensure the Committee can obtain the full and complete testimony we need, and we are reviewing her latest correspondence.”

Snyder, through attorney Karen Patton Seymour, has offered to make Snyder available by video on July 28 or 29. Her letter also mentions “due process” concerns.

What due process concerns? Does he want to know all the questions in advance? Does he want to have all the questions pre-printed? Congress has the right to seek his testimony, and he has no right to try to engineer the process to his benefit.

It’s a simple process. Show up, take the oath to tell the truth, and then answer the questions truthfully -- or face the consequences.

Through it all, the NFL seems to have no problem with Snyder’s foot dragging. Because (in my opinion) the league is afraid of him. More specifically, they’re afraid to fight him. Because (in my opinion) they fear he’d fight dirty.