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New alternate uniforms will be unveiled by individual teams


Lost in Tuesday’s unprecedented media event surrounding the arrival of the new Nike NFL uniforms was the fact that, except for the Seahawks, alternate jerseys and uniforms were not unveiled.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that there’s “no timetable” for the announcement of alternate uniforms, and that the teams determine when and how they choose to do it.

Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith disclosed last month a picture of the team’s alternate orange jersey, and both the Steelers and Rams have acknowledged possible changes to their alternate uniforms. The Jaguars also are believed to be planning a black third jersey.

Making the prospect of alternate uniforms more intriguing is the reality that more than a few teams use not only a third jersey but also a second helmet. For some, it’s an opportunity to turn the clock back. Now that Nike is involved, other teams could choose to fast forward to a more futuristic look.

I’m still trying to figure out whether that’s a good thing. And I’ll be right back with an answer; I need to go tell a pack of whipper-snappers to get off my lawn.