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Patrick Mahomes: “Still early” for comparisons with Tom Brady

Chris Simms explains why it's a no-brainer to have Patrick Mahomes at No. 1 in his 2021 QB rankings.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes share the cover of this year’s Madden game in a move that gives a nod to those who feel that Mahomes is the likeliest heir to Brady’s throne as the best quarterback in the league.

Mahomes’ first four seasons in the league have provided plenty of reasons to think that he can have a Hall of Fame career, but Mahomes isn’t ready to tackle questions about how he relates to Brady. When Mahomes was asked on ESPN about the notion that he and Brady are the NFL equivalent to LeBron James and Michael Jordan, he passed on weighing in on their legacies.

“I mean, it’s still early for the LeBron-Michael Jordan stuff but for me, if you’re in this league then you’re trying to win,” Mahomes said, via Jordan Foote of “You’re trying to be the best player on that football field every single day. Tom’s done it for a long time and he’s won a lot of Super Bowls. When you’re coming up and watching football, you want to go out there and win championships like he’s done. I’m going to try to do whatever I can every single year to put us in a position that we can win a lot of championships, hopefully.”

Brady’s end date remains unknown, but it’s going to come well ahead of Mahomes’ final snap and we’ll have to be a lot closer to that point to have a clear sense of whether the list of the league’s greatest quarterbacks needs an adjustment at the top.