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Pete Carroll: The Russell Wilson rumors don’t match our conversations

Russell Wilson's focus is on the present with eyes on the future, as he hopes his time in Seattle isn't drawing to a close, but Peter King wonders if it's time for the Seahawks to execute a "full reboot."

The latest effort to get Russell Wilson out of Seattle has unofficially begun. Sunday’s report from Adam Schefter of carried not-so-subtle fingerprints from those close to Wilson who want to get Wilson to a new team for the next phase of his career.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll remains undisturbed by the chatter, even if he should be. On Monday, Carroll explained his dismissive attitude toward the reports.

“The kind of conversations that we have behind the scenes are not in line with the rumors,” Carroll told reporters. “OK? There you go, they are not at all. We have been talking, we have been together and connected throughout this whole season. That’s why it’s easy to dismiss those at this time.”

Right, but it’s possible that Wilson is doing and saying whatever he has to do to play his current role to its conclusion, before pivoting to offseason mode, when his words and thoughts seem to shift from “Go Hawks” to “Go, Hawks.”

Carroll, even with hi spry, rah-rah attitude, surely realizes that people often say what they need to say in a specific setting, even if they don’t really believe it. Why would Wilson be immune to that basic reality of human nature?

He has a job. When he’s on the job, he’s all in. When he’s on the job, it’s not the time to be talking or even thinking about the next job. When he’s not on the job, that’s when those matters become fair game.

Besides, he’s surely not the one talking to Schefty. Wilson has people to handle his business interests, whether it’s negotiating a contract or navigating a path to a new beginning, one that will help Wilson reach his self-stated goal of three more Super Bowl wins, despite securing only one in a full decade in football.

Maybe Pete is in denial. Maybe Pete, like Wilson, is simply saying what he thinks he has to say. Regardless, anyone who has been paying close attention knows that there’s way too much smoke on this one. The fire is lurking. Last year, it was ultimately contained. This year, it could burn until either there’s a new coach in Seattle or a new address for Wilson.