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Report: Teams are doing homework on Jim Harbaugh

Indianapolis Colts head coach Jeff Saturday sits down with Tony Dungy to talk about his whirlwind hiring, the responses to him taking the job and what he has learned so far.

Teams that are considering coaching changes don’t wait until firing the current coach to start looking for a successor. They start considering candidates weeks before issuing the pink slip.

To absolutely no surprise, NFL teams that may be looking for new coaches are doing their homework on Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, according to NFL Media.

Last week, we planted a flag on this possibility, given the events that unfolded in early 2022. Harbaugh wanted to coach the Vikings. He wants to win a Super Bowl. He has made it clear that he regards a national championship as something less than winning a Lombardi Trophy.

“bUT hE CLoSed tHE dOoR,” some will shout. His contract shows that the door is wide-ass open; his buyout this year is a mere $3 million.

If he was truly closing the door, he could have agreed to a much higher buyout, in return for other more favorable terms. He didn’t. He negotiated a reasonable buyout. Which means it’s not unreasonable to think he may be once again looking for a way back to the NFL.

Already, the Panthers and Colts have vacancies. There surely will be more. And there surely will be interest in a guy who immediately turned around a bad 49ers team, taking it to the brink of the Super Bowl in his first season and getting there in his second.