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Taking a look back at lucky (for some) Week 13

Week 13 has come and gone, but for Monday night’s Bengals-Jaguars game. Last night, we took a closer look at the Sunday that was.

It happened, as it does every Sunday night, at the big desk in the big studio at NBC Sports. Devin McCourty, Jason Garrett, Matthew Berry, and yours truly broke it all down, from 49ers-Eagles all the way to some strong-to-quite-strong beliefs as to whether the astronauts and politicians who select the four college playoff teams got it right, or did it.

You’ll get it right by taking 30 minutes or so and checking it out. After, of course, you tune in to Peacock of SiriusXM 85 for two full hours of football chatter with Chris Simms and me.

Or you can just keep reading PFT and watching the clips from PFT Live and other NBC properties that are attached to the posts you choose to review.