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Week 11 power rankings


1. Packers (No. 1; 10-0): The Cheese continues to stand alone.

2. 49ers (No. 2; 9-1): The Harbaugh brothers have come a long way from pulling the wishbone on Thanksgiving night.

3. Steelers (No. 3; 7-3): Ben Roethlisberger’s claim of a broken thumb sounds a lot like a broken record.

4. Patriots (No. 4; 7-3): When the Pats play the Eagles on Sunday, it’ll be a glaring reminder of the fact that New England hasn’t won a Super Bowl since beating Philly in 2004.

5. Saints (No. 5; 7-3): The Saints will be hoping to give Eli Manning a rude welcome home on Monday night.

6. Ravens (No. 7; 7-3): Turkeys may not be the only birds stuffed on Thursday.

7. Bears (No. 8; 7-3): The Caleb Hanie era begins. Don’t blink.

8. Lions (No. 11; 7-3): The Lions finally have a good team on Thanksgiving, just in time to take on one of the best teams in league history.

9. Texans (No. 9; 7-3): Before too long, folks in Houston will be wishing the Texans had signed hometown hero Vince Young to back up Matt Schaub.

10. Giants (No. 6; 6-4): “She’s a good girl. Loves her mama. Loves Jesus, and America too. . . .”

11. Cowboys (No. 12; 6-4): The Cowboy won’t be under the radar for much longer.

12. Raiders (No. 13; 6-4): The Carson Palmer trade is suddenly looking slightly better than the Herschel Walker trade.

13. Falcons (No. 16; 6-4): The playoffs are looking more and more possible, even if the reward for getting there is another date with the Packers.

14. Bengals (No. 10; 6-4): Despite back-to-back losses to the Steelers and Ravens, there are plenty of things to like about this team.

15. Broncos (No. 17; 5-5): The Tebowmaniacs will soon be arguing that, if No. 15 had been the starter since Week One, the Broncos would be close to undefeated.

16. Jets (No. 14; 5-5): Rex Ryan doesn’t want to give the NFL a black eye. But he has no qualms about turning its face red.

17. Titans (No. 15; 5-5): Even with the Texans leading the division by two games, two words keep the Titans in contention: (1) Matt; and (2) Leinart.

18. Eagles (No. 24; 4-6): The Dream Team isn’t dead yet, but the Pats could be pulling the plug on Sunday.

19. Seahawks (No. 22; 4-6): If the Niners hadn’t blown the curve, the Seahawks would be on pace to repeats as NFC West champs.

20. Buccaneers (No. 19; 4-6): Curiously, the Bucs weren’t pointing out last year that they had an easy schedule.

21. Bills (No. 18; 5-5): It was fun while it lasted.

22. Chiefs (No. 20; 4-6): It was fun while it lasted.

23. Chargers (No. 21; 4-6): It was fun while it lasted.

24. Dolphins (No. 28; 3-7): It’s fun. Will it last?

25. Browns (No. 31; 4-6): When was the last time they had fun?

26. Cardinals (No. 23; 3-7): Maybe they should have signed Vince Young.

27. Jaguars (No. 25; 3-7): Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter could be a mechanic, now that he’s familiar with the underside of a bus.

28. Vikings (No. 26; 2-8): Victories have become a programmatic non-fit.

29. Panthers (No. 27; 2-8): It’s a good thing they spent all that money keeping the veteran nucleus of a two-win team intact.

30. Redskins (No. 29; 3-7): Reputations are overrated.

31. Rams (No. 30; 2-8): The current coach of the St. Louis Rams could be the next defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles.

32. Colts (No. 32; 0-10): Jim Irsay could be donning a sweater vest by Christmas.