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Week 14 power rankings

Lamar Jackson is the clear favorite right now to win the NFL's MVP award, but Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson still have an outside shot.

1. Ravens (10-2; last week No. 1): The best team in the AFC finally holds the No. 1 seed.

2. Seahawks (10-2; No. 3): No one shows up in big moments like the Seahawks.

3. Saints (10-2; No. 5): They’re on a collision course with the 49ers on Sunday; they could be on a collision course with the 49ers in January.

4. 49ers (10-2; No. 2): From 8-0 and smooth sailing to rough seas and possibly the No. 5 seed.

5. Patriots (10-2; No. 4): Go ahead and bury the Patriots -- it plays into their hands.

6. Texans (8-4; No. 9): From a 41-7 blowout loss in Baltimore to big wins over the Colts and Patriots, the Texans have quickly turned their season around.

7. Packers (9-3; No. 7): The division title is theirs for the taking, as long as they don’t stub their toe against Washington, the Bears, or the Lions.

8. Chiefs (8-4; No. 8): Last year’s flavor of the month feels like week-old turkey in 2019.

9. Bills (9-3; No. 10): Yes, No. 9 may be too low; beat the Ravens and Buffalo will crash the top five.

10. Vikings (8-4; No. 6): It’s not the end of the world, but it’s the start of what would be a Super Bowl run the very hard way.

11. Steelers (7-5; No. 11): One week at a time, Mike Tomlin is earning coach of the year consideration.

12. Titans (7-5; No. 12): The team no one notices is putting everyone on notice.

13. Rams (7-5; No. 17): The schedule will be getting a lot tougher down the stretch, but if they play like they did against the Cardinals it won’t matter.

14. Cowboys (6-6; No. 13): A Super Bowl run isn’t as crazy as it sounds, but at some point it would make sense to win a game.

15. Bears (6-6; No. 20): The Bears are back -- and they’ll soon be back to the cold, hard reality of a team that isn’t nearly as good as it was in 2018.

16. Raiders (6-6; No. 14): Derek Carr may never actually reside in the house that he’s building in Las Vegas.

17. Colts (6-6; No. 15): If they fail to make it to the playoffs, they can blame their stubborn refusal to upgrade at the kicker position.

18. Buccaneers (5-7; No. 22): They may win just enough games to justify giving Jameis Winston one more chance to prove that he deserves another chance.

19. Browns (5-7; No. 16): Pittsburgh may not have started it, but they definitely finished it. And “it” includes Cleveland’s playoff hopes.

20. Eagles (5-7; No. 18): The Philly Special feels like a long-faded memory.

21. Panthers (5-7; No. 19): Two late-season collapses in two seasons won’t do much to prevent major changes from happening in Charlotte.

22. Broncos (4-8; No. 26): This team isn’t all that far from contending, and if Drew Lock is the real deal next year could get real interesting.

23. Jets (4-8; No. 21): It was fun while it lasted.

24. Chargers (4-8; No. 23): If the goal was to lose a game in every way possible, congratulations.

25. Jaguars (4-8; No. 24): Minshew Mania is back, but until the Coughlin Condundrum is resolved it will be impossible to know where this team is heading next.

26. Falcons (3-9; No. 25): With cap issues galore and key veteran players under contract, it could make sense to stay the course until it becomes easier to rebuild the roster.

27. Washington (3-9; No. 29): There’s nothing like news of Bruce Allen being on the hot seat to wash away some of the dysfunction.

28. Lions (3-8-1; No. 27): Cleaning house two years into a major culture change would be the ultimate Lions thing to do.

29. Dolphins (3-9; No. 30): They’re playing for nothing, but they’re laying the foundation for everything.

30. Cardinals (3-8-1; No. 28): The record doesn’t reflect it, but there’s plenty of hope for the future. As long as they can get Kyler Murray some help.

31. Bengals (1-11; No. 32): Be careful, Bengals; you don’t want to screw up the first overall pick that you’ve worked so hard to earn.

32. Giants (2-9; No. 31): Somewhere, Ben McAdoo is smiling. While wearing an oversized suit and sporting a scalp full of Brylcreem.