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Zorn, Cerrato’s fates apparently are intertwined

Redskins fans, there might be signs of hope in D.C., after all.

We’re hearing that there’s a strong belief within the Redskins organization that the fates of coach Jim Zorn and V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato are tied together.

So if/when Zorn goes, Cerrato could be dumped, too. (There’s a chance Zorn would go after the Eagles game next Monday, and that Cerrato wouldn’t be fired until after the season ends.)

That might help explain why Zorn and Cerrato will decide tomorrow who’ll call the plays for the rest of the year. And why Zorn didn’t simply refuse to give up his play-calling function.

The next question becomes who’ll call the plays?

If it’s not Sherm Lewis, we’re not sure who it will be. Mike Holmgren? Joe Gibbs? Dan Snyder?

That said, Zorn should have refused to give up his play-calling duties and forced his termination. Instead, he has now allowed himself to be systematically neutered over the past two weeks, with the addition of Lewis and now the surrender of one of Zorn’s core functions.