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After Tucker suspension, should NHL switch to no touch icing?

Word from the NHL is that Colorado’s Darcy Tucker will receive a one game suspension for a raucous hit he put on Los Angeles Kings’ defenseman Matt Greene. The league recently added a penalty for excessively rough checks on icing plays, possibly because Kurtis Foster suffered a near-catastrophic injury in such a situation. Take a look at Tucker’s hit and decide for yourself if it was suspension-worthy.

The suspension and brutal check make me wonder, once again, if the league would be better off with no-touch icing. I have to admit, it was often jarring to be deprived of that brief burst of violence while watching the World Junior Championships. At the same time, perhaps the league should consider limiting the chances of injury (especially on a relatively mundane play). Instead of giving you my final verdict, I’d like to take your temperature on the issue. Feel free to cast your vote for (or against) a no-touch icing rule.