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Anaheim Ducks debut new third jerseys in loss against Chicago


James O’Brien

For years, the Anaheim Ducks were something of a punchline in their name alone, as the team was named after the Emilio Estevez-based Disney movie “The Mighty Ducks.” Who knows if it was a mandate from truculent ex-GM Brian Burke or not, but the team decided to distance itself from its Mickey Mouse related past by dropping the “Mighty” and going with a logo that seemed more like a fancy font.

On one hand, the new look made a nice debut as the Ducks won the Stanley Cup shortly after the makeover. That being said, the team lost a bit of what made it a unique entity: a club with a distinctive logo and the guts to use a far-from-imposing mascot.

Well, the Ducks are sticking with that motif, but they debuted third jerseys that show a lot more personality. While the Columbus Blue Jackets unveiled decent (if notably bland and unoriginal) third jerseys that resembled offerings by the St. Louis Blues, Pittsburgh Penguins and Florida Panthers, Anaheim went in a very different direction.

In case this post’s main image isn’t enough for you, here are some close up shots of the new, very orange third jersey design via the team. (If you’re curious, Teemu Selanne is the “model” for the new duds.)


James O’Brien


James O’Brien

The best part for longtime Ducks fans might be the nod to the old Disney-inspired logo, though. As you can see from this screen capture from a video that hypes up the new design, the shoulder patch features Anaheim’s original logo.


James O’Brien

So, now that you’ve had a chance to take a look at the new third jerseys, I cannot help but ask: do you dig their new duds?
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