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BizNasty’s mom wishes her son wasn’t such a bad speller

Paul Bissonnette

This is the kind of thing Yolande Bissonnette is talking about:


“For most of the time, I’m OK with what he posts,” Paul’s mom told the National Post. “The only thing I wish he would get better at is spelling and grammar, because these are the things that I taught when I was at the college. So you can imagine when I see his spelling and grammar and I go, ‘Oooooh! I guess I didn’t teach him these two things.’”

Actually her son’s spelling and grammar is pretty good. It took me a while to find that one. And at least he’s not pulling stuff like this:


On a pleasant note, Yolande Bissonnette is expected to see her son play an NHL game for the first time in person tomorrow in Buffalo. For the last three years she’s been coping with an autoimmune disorder that’s kept her from traveling.