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Jonathan Toews featured in ‘Are you Men’s Health Fit?’ feature


James O’Brien

It almost seems like Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby are in some kind of cosmic game of “H-O-R-S-E.”

Crosby became the youngest captain to ever win a Stanley Cup, then Toews became the second youngest. They both won a gold medal together for Team Canada, with Crosby scoring the gold medal winning goal while Toews was named one of the tournament’s most outstanding forwards. He also topped Crosby in playoff-related follicle growth, as Toews’ formidable sideburns easily bested Crosby’s peach fuzz facial hair.

It looks like Toews followed in one of Crosby’s marketing footsteps, too, as Men’s Health magazine spotlighted the “speed machine” and his workout techniques in its November issue. Toews was featured along with three other professional athletes: Francisco 49ers’ linebacker Patrick Willis*, UFC fighter Josh Koscheck and Ironman world champion Craig Alexander.

Toews provided Men’s Health with this illuminating quote about his training regimen.

“My training won’t necessarily make me look more muscular,” he says, “but it means I can control my body better than anyone else on the ice. In the end that’s what matters.”

I don’t know, Toews, there are some NHL commercials in which Crosby is catching a medicine ball while keeping his balance on what looks like a skateboard. That sure looks a lot like the kind of workout Toews was working on here:


James O’Brien

(click to enlarge, both images via Men’s Health.)

Perhaps the photos of a ripped Toews will help to erase some of the comic damage of those hilarious shots of bare chested Patrick Kane and John Madden carrying on with some Vancouver women in a limo. After all, when you’re fitness level is strong enough to get you featured alongside an NFL linebacker, UFC fighter and Ironman competitor you must be doing something right.

Maybe enough so that even Crosby might be getting a little jealous.

* - Is it me, or does Willis vaguely resemble Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens?