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Lundqvist on players’ perspective: “Nobody is looking to get more money”

Henrik Lundqvist

New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist speaks to reporters after a negotiation session between the NHL Players’ Association and the NHL, Wednesday, July 18, 2012, in New York. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)


With the September 15 deadline rapidly approaching until the owners lockout the players, Rangers star goalie Henrik Lundqvist tells Andrew Gross of that it’s on the owners to figure out how they want to split up the financial pie in a fair way.

“Maybe they need to spread it better. It should be up to the owners more than the players because the money is coming in.

“Hopefully, they can figure it out,” he said. “They need to figure it out.”

It’s not all on the owners, of course, as it’s up to the players as to what they want to agree to. They could agree to the owners’ latest offer, but they’d be taking a huge loss in doing so. Lundqvist says the players’ needs are simple.

“Nobody is looking to get more money,” Lundqvist said. “We want a deal where both sides feel good. We need to figure out how to get all the teams to show a good result.”

Clock’s ticking, boys.