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Our Line Starts podcast: Mayers, Bolden, Carter on race, diversity, inclusion in hockey

Liam McHugh hosts a conversation between Jamal Mayers, Blake Bolden, and Anson Carter - three members of the NHL’s soon-to-be-announced Player Inclusion Committee. Their wide-ranging discussion includes their goals for the committee, the powerful “In Union There Is Strength” social media video that Anson produced, their recommendations for fostering change at all levels of hockey, and much more.

2:40-5:35 Anson’s inspiration for producing his powerful video
5:35-8:50 Jamal, Blake, and Anson discuss their new role with the NHL
8:50-12:55 How can NHL players make a difference beyond offering support on social media?
12:55-17:10 Ways to foster a more inclusive environment at the youth level
17:10-20:45 Examples of how diversity can lead to positive change in the sport
20:50-24:30 Importance of making people feel comfortable to speak up
24:30-End Anson’s passionate closing remarks

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