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Players have fun, show off personalities in water-fueled All-Star Fantasy Draft

2015 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft

2015 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft

NHLI via Getty Images

COLUMBUS -- If the number one goal of this weekend is fun, then mission accomplished tonight at the All-Star Fantasy Draft.

The players had fun; that much was obvious. And based on social media, the fans enjoyed watching them have fun.

“It was fun. The two teams obviously had some ideas on what they wanted to do, but after that you’re just going with the flow and having fun up there. Nothing too serious,” said Patrick Kane, one of the assistants on Team Foligno.

“I think the only thing that was set up was they wanted us to make a trade, because there was a trade available.”

It was a fun trade, too. Tyler Seguin for Phil Kessel. Because of course.

“They told us to just have fun with it,” said Kane. “Show off the personality, and just roll with the show. I think throughout the whole thing it wasn’t too serious, it was just kinda fun.

“And I think that’s the good thing about hockey players. We can have battles on the ice -- like you saw with [Mark Giordano and Ryan Getzlaf], they said they didn’t like each other too much last game, and they’re joking around about it -- so that’s the great thing about hockey players.”

The joking around continued afterwards, when the players were asked what was in those cups.

Apparently, just water.

“I think we drank, honestly, three or four cases of water,” said Nick Foligno. “I’ve never gone to the bathroom that much in my life. It was a lot of water.”

“When you come from L.A. to Columbus, you struggle to stay hydrated, just because of the long flight and whatnot,” added Drew Doughty, who sure was hydrated, wasn’t he?

And what about Alex Ovechkin? Did he steal the show or what?

“Oh yeah, he did,” said Doughty. “We kind of had it planned out. He was lobbying to go last in the draft to get the car, so we had a plan that he was going third last, no matter what.”

Hockey players take a lot of heat for giving boring, clichéd quotes. For the most part, they don’t like drawing attention to themselves as individuals, and they don’t like saying things that could be deemed controversial.

Tonight, the players took a few chances and it paid off in laughs.

Apparently, the trick is lots of water.