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Poll results: PHT readers choose Parise’s goal over Donovan’s winner

Almost immediately after seeing Landon Donovan’s extra time heart-stopper of a goal (which ultimately didn’t mean much), I couldn’t help but compare it to one of U.S. hockey’s more exciting moments (which ultimately didn’t mean much). It was more for the sake of experiment than anything else, but I couldn’t help but ask if Donovan’s goal was more exciting than the Zach Parise gold medal game goal that sent U.S.-Canada into overtime.

Now, before I show the results, each tally has an unfair advantage (so I guess they kind of cancel each other out? Maybe?).

This is Pro Hockey Talk, obviously, so Parise’s goal has the advantage of being both an exciting American sports moment and the plus of being hockey-related.

That being said, the poll was posted mere minutes after Donovan’s goal; very optimistic folks could have thought that would lead to many other victories. Also, the soccer/futbol moment just happened. I’m sure you’ve heard critiques of our temporary, wired, (insert other words out-of-touch people use to belittle youngsters) society, so immediacy gave Donovan’s goal a few edges.

Ultimately, it’s a pretty subjective - but in my opinion, still quite interesting - poll to take. So who won it? Well, it was close but ... (click to enlarge)


Parise took it. I’m not sure what the main reasoning would be. Is because this is a hockey blog? Could it be that the goal - though not of the game winning variety - took place in a more important game?

Whatever the case may be, they’re two great memories for American sports fans, even if they didn’t result in championships. The fact that the U.S. qualified as big underdogs was both rare and exciting.