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UFC fighter tells Montreal fans who he’s rooting for

It’s amusing to see what happens when other sports collide with hockey and with last night’s Ultimate Fighting Championship being in Montreal, it’s only fitting that some hockey-related nonsense shook loose. Enter UFC fighter Josh Koscheck into the mix after winning his match over Paul Daley and being serenaded with boos from the fans and you’ve got yourself the setting for the creation of a pro wrestling-like heel for which the Pittsburgh Penguins faithful are more than happy to help celebrate.

“Hey, don’t worry. Pittsburgh Penguins are going to kick your ***. Yeah baby!”

Feel free to fill in the three-letter word for one’s posterior in those asterisks. Considering how excitable Montreal fans are in the first place, perhaps antagonizing them after infuriating them with some questionable fighting tactics ranks out as one of the dumber things a person could do. Then again, if Montreal is able to do to the Penguins what they did to the Capitals, that’s one trade off the denizens of Montreal would happily accept.

Maybe this can set up a future street fight of Josh Koscheck against Georges Laraque with an undercard of Sidney Crosby and Mike Cammalleri for ruler of the playoffs. What do you say UFC commissioner Dana White and Gary Bettman? Let’s make it happen.