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Vegas ticket drive to begin next week


Feb. 10 will be an important day for a potential NHL team in Sin City.

In one week’s time, the Bill Foley-led expansion group -- Hockey Vision Las Vegas -- will begin its ticket drive, the organization announced on Tuesday.


In mid-January, our group met with some of the most influential people in the Las Vegas community. This group – The Las Vegas Founding 75 – have agreed to help us sell 60 season ticket deposits each. The energy, passion and excitement we witnessed during these meetings - and in the community since these meetings - has further cemented our commitment to bringing an NHL team to Las Vegas. In addition to their commitment, we need your help to bring NHL Hockey to Las Vegas.

We will be kicking off our official season ticket deposit drive on February 10. In the coming days, we will be sending you updates with the specifics on how you can make a deposit for your season tickets, along with more information about the season ticket drive.

The group has also hired a “ticket sales and service” team to aid in the deposit campaign.

On Sunday, the Vegas group aired the following commercial during the Super Bowl:

During the All-Star break in Columbus, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman spoke about the Vegas expansion group and ticket drive, but didn’t offer much in the way of specifics.

“We’re not controlling that process,” he explained. “We haven’t put hard deadlines or numbers. Bill asked to do it, so we could get a sense as to whether or not the market would support the grassroots level, if you will, franchise.

“He has to make those judgments. My guess is the campaign kicks off in February. If he’ still running it in next October, my guess is tickets didn’t sell so quickly. If he’s able to get to a number that makes a lot of sense and shows a great deal of enthusiasm in 2-3 weeks, we’ll have a better sense of the market.”