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When hockey and Quebec politics collide

Jean Charest

When it comes to election campaigns, few stones are left unturned.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest is gearing up for a Tuesday Sept. 4 election and if you’re both a voter in Quebec and a hockey fan, he has a very special message for you: Vote for me if you want to see an NHL team in Quebec City.

As the Canadian Press reports, Charest is arguing that one of his rival parties, the Parti Quebecois, might hurt the provincial capital’s chances of following in Winnipeg’s footsteps.

How? Well, naturally he thinks that a PQ government will lead to economic and political instability, which would make the NHL think twice about putting a team in Quebec City.

As we’ve previously reported, Quebec City has plans to build a $400 million arena, which might be completed by 2015. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that an NHL team will eventually call it home.