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Usain Bolt’s obsession with ‘Call of Duty’

Usain Bolt

For all of Usain Bolt‘s recent worldwide adventures, his home life is fairly common.

“My evening routine is usually just me playing ‘Call Of Duty,’” Bolt told FHM, according to the Telegraph. “I’m OK at it.”

One would hope he’s better than OK, given the copious hours he’s spent playing the gun-shooting video game series over the past few years.

Bolt plays “Call of Duty” against online foes using a gamer tag that keeps him anonymous.

“Once I heard a guy say, ‘I’m trying to kill this dude, but he’s as fast as Usain Bolt,’” Bolt told FHM. “I was laughing.”

Players can talk to one another over microphone while playing the game, but Bolt tries not to speak.

“The people I play against online have no idea they’re shooting Usain Bolt,” he said.

Bolt passed time at the London Olympics by playing FIFA and “Call of Duty.” He was reportedly given a widescreen TV at Jamaica’s pre-Games training base in Birmingham to use his PlayStation.

“If I lived in Europe, I’d shut the curtains, play ‘Call of Duty’ on my PlayStation 24/7 and never go out,” he said last year, referring to his celebrity status overseas, according to Runner’s World.

He’s played the game with England soccer star Wayne Rooney and with friends, family and online strangers. An Esquire writer watched Bolt play “Call of Duty” on the edge of his king-sized mattress in 2010.

They began playing soon after they woke up, at 10:00 A.M., and by 1:00 P.M., neither has moved, even to go to the bathroom, though Bolt has occasionally shifted his position, loosening his shoulders, stretching his back, switching from playing while sitting up to playing while lying on his stomach or his side.

Bolt told the Sun in England that he was playing “Call of Duty” when he heard about Tyson Gay‘s positive drug test in July. (Gay, too, has been reported to play “Call of Duty”)

“I had to put down the controller and stop playing, that’s how badly it affected me,” he told the newspaper.

He also said the “main room” in his Kingston home is a game room.

“I spend most of my time in there, playing ‘Call of Duty,’” Bolt told the Telegraph.

Bolt took Instagram video of his purchase of “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” which was released last week.

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