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Betting the NFL: The Anthony Richardson Era

Anthony Richardson was probably the only person who was surprised that he was named the starting quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts on Tuesday.

With that official announcement having crossed the wires, Jay Croucher (@croucherJD) and Drew Dinsick (@whale_capper) took a quick dive into the rookie quarterback and his team on Bet the EDGE.

Dinsick loves the decision to start the rookie from Day 1 but is not blindly optimistic.

“I like the hire of Shane Steichen. Second, I like the pick of Anthony Richardson. I see relatively limitless potential for this offense if these guys come together and make perfect music together. But the idea of that happening in September of 2023, I make that about +20000. I think realistically its gonna be a little bit of a rocky start to his NFL debut.”

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He elaborated on his expectations of early struggles.

“There’s still a lot of other moving parts about this offense that have not been solved. You have a wide receiver board that is towards the bottom of the NFL in terms of skill position quality…you don’t have a tight end to provide a safety blanket. And we don’t know about the health and availability of the key piece of the run game in Jonathan Taylor. I think it’s fair to assume that this is going to get off to a slow start. If not slow, at least uncertain, you know, at least highs and lows. The brief exposure we got to Richardson in the preseason spoke to exactly that.”

All that said, Croucher may put a sprinkle on Richardson for Offensive Rookie of the Year IF his market price drops.

“What I would hope for is that I think when rookie quarterbacks start off poorly, the market drifts them way too quickly. I’m hoping with Richardson, particularly with his skill profile and how raw he is, the fact that I think he could make improvement quickly, just by having more reps. I hope that he’s kind of terrible, the first three, four weeks and he drifts out to 35/1 for OROY and at that point he hasn’t dented his stats too much to the point where it’s unsalvageable. If he does figure things out at the back end of the season, maybe he can make a run. I’m not interested really at the moment though at +700.”

Dinsick was not interested in that angle.

“You’re going to have to really twist my arm hard to get involved with Rookie of the Year for Richardson this year. I gotta tell you, again, I’m excited to buy low on the team at a price point. Once we get to the middle of season, there’s a bunch of teams towards the end of their schedule. They’re playing young, inexperienced quarterbacks and that’s exciting from the standpoint of they might be toxic to some of those teams. And you can get Richardson at a cheap price there.”

The Indianapolis Colts with Anthony Richardson as their starting quarterback are a team with an unlimited ceiling looking down the road a bit, but also an unlimited floor this September…at least.

Enjoy Bet the EDGE. Enjoy the games and enjoy the sweat.