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Arizona’s new locker rooms set the mood


If the looming NBA lockout doesn’t convince Derrick Williams to stay at Arizona another year, perhaps the jaw-dropping new locker rooms will.

The Arizona Daily Star took a tour of the Wildcats’ fancy new digs. In a word? Phat.

(Do people still use that? What about slammin? Ridonkulous? Choose your silly adjective and go nuts.)

The $1.5 million digs aren’t any larger than the previous version, but now feature plush seating, new lockers, and six different light settings. Yes, six. Shiny lights for game day, softer ones for daily use and ones to wow.

It’s a place to chill – and to impress recruits.

“It’s really important to young people,” coach Sean Miller told the paper, “what the locker rooms and the facilities and the things they’re going to be a part of look like. We’re in that world where you compare. How does that compare to this place?

“Now our locker room is really great. I’m proud of it. I know our team’s proud of it.”

It does look fabulous. This slideshow makes me wish I’d worked a little harder on my jumper.

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