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Kentucky sorry for honoring Calipari’s 500th win ... kind of


The silly standoff between Kentucky and the NCAA regarding the celebration of John Calipari’s 500th career win came to a close Thursday when the school admitted it was wrong.

Kind of.

The school’s statement indicates that Calipari’s career win total will be adjusted in various spots to reflect the official NCAA total – 467 – to reflect the 42 vacated wins he had while at Massachusetts and Memphis.

However, as Matt Jones at Kentucky Sports Radio notes, there’s no apology for holding a celebration after the Feb. 26 win vs. Florida that prompted the celebration. The statement:

“After consulting with the NCAA, the University of Kentucky has been informed that the honoring of our head men’s basketball coach for his 500th career victory on Feb. 26, 2011 was in error and that, henceforth, we will reflect our head men’s basketball coach’s career record in our media guides, Internet sites and other publications consistent with the NCAA’s official records and statistics.”

(Those interested in more details can thank Brett Dawson from Cats Illustrated for posting links to the first NCAA letter to UK President Lee Todd, Kentucky’s response and NCAA response to Kentucky’s letter.)

OK, fine. He’s not at 500. But that’s not a bad thing. And this tweet from wildcatnews sums it up perfectly:


Mike Miller

Calipari. Even when he’s not trying to, he’s ahead of the curve.

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