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Marcus Jordan dropped $56K in Las Vegas?

Michael Jordan didn’t mind trying his luck in Las Vegas. Apparently his sons, Jeff and Marcus, are the same way. But didn’t anybody tell Marcus that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

Central Florida coach Donnie Jones probably will soon.

An Orlando Sentinel story detailed the brothers’ recent trip to Vegas with their dad and UCF teammate A.J. Rompza. Marcus was happy to tweet Thursday what they did (though he’s since deleted it from his Twitter account).

“Spent $21k at Liquid (the pool)... Tonight should be worse!!”

And from Friday morning:

“Last night was stupid... 35k at Haze... Totals 50k something the whole day.. Damn!! Going to the pool again today.. Gotta relax!”

Haze is the nightclub at
Aria Resort & Casino, which is probably where I’d be if my dad was Michael Jordan and he took me to Vegas. Still, Marcus probably should’ve thought this through considering he’s not yet 21 - and it’s doubtful he dropped $21,000 to swim or $35,000 at a club to dance.

And to think UCF’s website just posted this story about how the basketball team “rarely took a day off this summer.” Hey, when these guys relax, they relax.

(Thanks to Jeff Eisenberg and Eammon Brennan)

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