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Texas A&M or not, Bill Self’s not sweating Big 12’s future


Mike Miller

It wouldn’t be summer without some Big 12 drama. Last summer, it was conferences wooing Texas and Oklahoma. This year, it’s an unhappy Texas A&M trying to bolt to the SEC – or anywhere that doesn’t include Texas.

So the Big 12’s doing its best to ensure a school can’t bolt without serious ramifications. But even if they do bolt, it might not be all gloom and doom.

Not like last year.

Kansas coach Bill Self told the Lawrence Journal-World that the Big 12, even if A&M leaves, is gonna be OK. From the paper:

“I don’t have a feel for A&M. You know, last year I was worried. This year I think our league is fine,” he said.

“Hey as long as we know the other nine teams are solid, I’m OK with that. We may add (teams to league if A&M leaves). We may not add. To be honest, nine is a perfect number for football and basketball for scheduling purposes because it reduces your league games to 16 in basketball and allows you to schedule four nonconference football games as opposed to three.”

Maybe that’s a coach who’s putting on a brave face. Or maybe it’s a coach who knows the league’s sweet TV deal it struck last summer after all the realignment mess makes it downright stupid for the league to dissolve into nothing.

Besides, the way Billy Kennedy’s recruiting, Self might not mind seeing the Aggies leave.

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