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Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur talk Rangers-Blue Jays


Over at NBC SportsWorld, our Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur -- the man behind “Parks and Recreation,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and the late, great “Fire Joe Morgan” under his nom de plume, Ken Tremendous -- talk about last night’s Game 5 between the Rangers and the Blue Jays. It’s long and hilarious and includes every conceivable observation about the craziness that went down in Rogers Centre.

Underrated part: how those two are convinced that every other player and every other college they went to has to have a made up name, which could maybe be true.

Best part: their talking about the bat flip and the unwritten rules stuff everyone is on about today. Here’s Schur:

When Blake Griffin jumps 30 feet in the air and dunks, you want to watch him howl at the moon and strut up the court. When Serena Williams lunges and rips a cross-court winner you want to see her pump her fist and scream. Same for Tiger draining a 30-footer, Brandi Chastain drilling a World Cup penalty, Tom Brady diving for a 1-yard TD. We’re fine with outward displays in every other sport. Why do we ask baseball players to bury their emotions like students in a seminary?


If Neil Armstrong had played by baseball’s stupid unwritten rules of decorum, he would have whispered, “Yeah, I’m on the moon.”

Great stuff that is amazingly fun to relive from last night unless you’re a Rangers fan, in which case I’d move along.