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Scott Boras and the Marlins are feuding

David Samson

Miami Marlins baseball team president David Samson gestures as he answers a question from a reporter during a news conference at Marlins Park in Miami. The Marlins begin their offseason with a front office shakeup and a vacancy in the manager’s job. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)


Scott Boras and the Miami Marlins are already at odds over the Marlins clear manipulation of Ozuna’s service time this past season. To be clear, it’s totally legal service time manipulation. The Marlins can do what they want with their players, after all. But it’s also the case that the club was transparently putting an inferior product on the field in order to save some money on player salaries down the road. Boras, who clearly has a personal interest in Ozuna reaching arbitration and free agency as fast as he can, understandably took issue.

These little disputes happen a lot, but they’re usually not public. And they’re usually not super heated. The team may want to save money where it can, but it has no real interest in antagonizing its players unnecessarily. The agent, for his part, has a strong interest in making sure the player is in a happy place as well as in maximizing the number of clubs who can bid on his client once he does reach free agency. So these things tend to simmer, they don’t tend to boil.

Yesterday the Marlins-Boras dispute boiled. Boras criticized the Marlins over Ozuna’s handling once again and Marlins president David Samson shot back:

“My strong suggestion to Mr. Boras is that instead of resting on his 5 percent that he collects from his stable of players, he write a check and buy a team. Then he would have the opportunity to run a team that he claims to be so able to do. Until that time, he is in no position to comment how any Major League Baseball team is operated.”

Samson went on, talking about Jose Fernandez, who had Tommy John surgery in 2014, and who, like Matt Harvey, has Scott Boras for a client. Boras was involved in the Mets’ decision making process over Harvey’s workload. Will he have input regarding the Marlins use of Fernandez?

“He will not be involved in any discussion as it relates to Jose Fernandez,” Samson said. “We will be in touch with the doctors and Jose as we formulate a plan.”

So that relationship is going well. Good luck in keeping Fernandez around for even a nanosecond after he reaches free agency in 2018, Miami.