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The Mets’ unofficial 2015 motto: “Take the damn thing”

mets logo

Team marketing departments often come up with slogans or mottos. Stuff like “Refuse to lose!” or “Won’t be denied!”

Haha, I’m joking. Those were mottos used by my high school’s basketball team in two of their record 16 seasons in which they won the West Virginia state championship (go Flying Eagles! Woo!).

The point being, often times, mottos and slogans are kind of silly. With that, here’s the shirts being issued to Mets players this season:

Here’s a picture of the #Mets new shirts.

— Robert Brender (@robertbrender) February 23, 2015

No word on what “the damn thing” is. The NL East? The wild card? The money and run? The long way home?

Oh well, whatever motivates you.

UPDATE: Resident Mets fan D.J. informs me that “the damn thing” refers to this. So it could be just, like, any game. That’s a better basis than a lot of mottos, I suppose: