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Alabama teens challenge Dude Perfect for “longest shot ever” title

The above video shows 17-year old Evan Sellers, a high school quarterback in Alabama, making a basketball shot from a 134-foot high platform on top of the Vulcan monument in Birmingham, Alabama. According to the members of Sellers’ “legendary shots” group, Sellers’ shot is further than the one made by “Dude Perfect” (tm) from the third deck of Kyle Stadium last season: The members of “Perfect shots” say that their shot was taken from about the same length as the “Dude Perfect” shot, but that the added height of the Vulcan monument makes theirs the furthest overall shot. There’s no denying that both shots are pretty darn impressive - kudos to both groups for having the time, imagination, and arm strength to pull these off. Since they made the Kyle Stadium shot, Dude Perfect has gone mainstream -- we’ll see if the same kind of thing happens to the members of Perfect Shots.