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Curry, Green troll Klay Thompson on not making NBA 75th anniversary team

Michael Holley and Vincent Goodwill discuss the "unassailable" players on the NBA 75th Anniversary Team, the players on the list that elicit a debate, and the players not on the list that just got straight up snubbed.

Klay Thompson thought he was snubbed not making the NBA 75th Anniversary team (which ended up with 76ers players on it).

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green decided to have some fun with that and got Thompson a No. 77 Warriors jersey, for him being the 77th best player of all time.

To his credit, Thompson leaned into it.

One of the arguments against Thompson not making the list — outside of just not enough on his resume yet — is he is not the No. 1 player on his team. Of course, Thompson was having none of that.

Green also didn’t make the cut but could have a case with three rings, a couple of All-Star games and having won Defensive Player of the Year.

However, after talking about it on the PBT Podcast, it’s clear to me Dwight Howard was the biggest snub on the list.