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Jerry Sloan says no, he is not coming out of retirement

You can almost picture Jerry Sloan taking this call from a reporter and in the middle of it yelling “you kids get off my lawn.”

The old school coach who walked away two weeks ago told Chris Tomasson of FanHouse he is not returning to the Utah Jazz now that Deron Williams has been traded away.

“No,’' Sloan said in a phone interview with FanHouse on Wednesday. “That didn’t have anything to do with it. I left on my own terms.’'

In a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Jazz General Manager Kevin O’Connor said no call had or would be placed to Sloan. He said the decision to trade Williams had nothing to do with Sloan’s departure. Owner Greg Miller hinted that the Jazz’s concern about being able to re-sign Williams, combined with concerns that a prolonged lockout next season could prevent them from trading Williams then, led them to make the trade now.

In his interview, Sloan otherwise sounded pretty much exactly what you expected him to sound like — a guy who had spent time with family and friends who got pulled back into the NBA rumor circuit for no real good reason on Wednesday. He answered the questions in his usual polite but clipped manner.

Sloan is also one coach you could always picture stepping into retirement easily and not looking back when it was time.

“It’s a different lifestyle,’' said Sloan, who said he plans to keep his primary residence in Salt Lake City but will continue to make trips to his farm. “But I’m enjoying it.’'