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Look who Luka Doncic is hanging out with? Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant Luka Doncic

Dallas’ Luka Doncic will be one of the most watched rookies because we are all curious. No doubt the guy can play — you don’t get named EuroLeague MVP at 19 because they like your hair — and on paper his sharp passing and pick-and-roll gifts should translate to the NBA. Should. But the 19-year-old is about to face a massive leap in the athleticism of guys he goes against, how will he handle that? Does his game really translate?

He seems to be hanging out and working out with the right people.

Working out with Kobe Bryant guarantees nothing. But as Boston’s Jayson Tatum said, it is less about the physical workout and more about Kobe’s attacking mentality. It’s about his drive to get better. It’s about his fire.

If Doncic picks up some of that, his Rookie of the Year odds will go up.