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NBA finals, Lakers Celtics Game 5: Lamar Odom knows his vodka bottles


Late in the fourth quarter of Game 5, Kobe Bryant stepped away from the free throw line when a fan threw something on the court almost hitting Lamar Odom.

Stay classy, Boston.

So what was it? The Riverside Press-Enterprise asked Odom (via SLAM).

“It looked like a vodka bottle,” said Odom, indicating that it was a miniature version. “It’s too bad. Someone could get hurt. I mean, I’ve seen it before, you know with tournaments around my way.”

Here’s what impresses me: In the middle of being focused on a crucial, tight Game 5, a small bottle comes whizzing by Odom’s head, and he could pick out that it was vodka. He probably knew the brand. That is some impressive alcohol bottle recognition. Apparently the man has spent some time in clubs.