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NBA finals Video: Kobe has one more than Shaq, and would like to tell you so

There’s a surreality to the tone of championship teams. Even after five titles, Kobe still appears stunned that he’s reached the summit again. Phil Jackson, with 11 rings (one for the pinky toe?) still seems like the entire experience is odd. Oddly in the video below, it’s only Pau Gasol who seems nonplussed.

And of course, what Finals press conference would be complete without an athlete saying something completely out of place?

Kobe Bryant, fresh off a huge win over the Celtics in a game where he shot 6 of 24 from field with 4 turnovers (and 15 rebounds and huge free throws down the stretch), responded to a question in a way that only the divisive shooting guard can. Unprompted, when asked about what this one means to him, he replied “I just got one more than Shaq. So you can take that to the bank.”

The rift between those two has been carried out in such classy ways.

But hey, it’s Bryant’s time to shine, and if he wants to rub it in, that’s his prerogative. Watch for yourself: