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Video Breakdown: What is a Ram Screen?

Last time we talked on the Glossary we went over a specific kind of screen called a flare. It’s ubiquitous across the league, as is the subject mater we’re covering today. This week’s video is all about a variation on the pick-and-roll called a Ram Screen.

So, what is a ram screen?

A ram screen (or ram action) is a simple addition to your normal pick-and-roll. The basic idea of a ram screen is before a big man comes up to set a screen for the ball handler, he will first get his own man screened by another player.

This is a screen the screener situation, and typically this happens with a guard coming down from the arc to set a pick on the post’s man.

What you’re trying to get accomplished with the ram screen is simple: put more space between the post defender and the main pick-and-roll action by delaying him first with a screen. That makes it harder to recover on the pick-and-roll.

Watch the full video above to get the whole breakdown.