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NBA: J.R. Smith should have been called for a foul on Andre Iguodala’s late jumper



AFP/Getty Images

Correction: Iguodala’s shot was initially ruled a 3-pointer. The NBA review considers it a 2-pointer. The post has been updated to reflect.

The NBA released its officiating report for the final two minutes of the Cavaliers’ Game 3 win over the Warriors, identifying two missed calls.

One: J.R. Smith should have been called for fouling Andre Iguodala on this 3-pointer 2-pointer:

Sending Iguodala for three two free throws while trailing by five with nine seconds remaining would have still left the Warriors in a tenuous situation. But they would have at least had more -- i.e., some -- hope.

However, Golden State wouldn’t have been even that close if the other incorrect call.

The NBA said David Lee set an illegal screen by grabbing Iman Shumpert’s leg before this Stephen Curry 3-pointer:

The Warriors came out ahead on missed calls in the Final two minutes, and they still lost. There isn’t much room for griping. Whatever exists, limit it to the first 46 minutes.