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Once again, Adam Silver says its “inevitable” ads end up on NBA jerseys

Adam Silver

Adam Silver


No matter how you feel about the issue, Adam Silver is right. This is going to happen.

It is “inevitable” that ads end up on NBA jerseys — the new CBA already accounts for it. Those ads will be small at first, not European soccer style, rather just a logo on the shoulder or something. But it will become the norm eventually.

He has said this before. With the NBA playing a regular season game in London Thursday — we are subjecting Europe to Bucks vs. Knicks — Adam Silver had a press conference and ads on jerseys came up again. Via the Associated Press.

Silver said “I do think it’s inevitable” for jersey sponsors to be adopted by the NBA, but that “exactly when it’s going to come, I’m not sure.”

Traditionalists in America hate this, and that includes some owners. But I’m not in that group. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want MLS/WNBA style jerseys with Herbalife across the chest as a logo, but if we are talking about McDonald’s golden arches or some other recognizable logo on the shoulder area above the team name, I’m good with that.

Considering everywhere else advertising is in the NBA experience, I’m not sure why this is a huge deal.