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Report: Kawhi Leonard leaked desire to leave Spurs to media before informing team

2014 NBA Finals - Practice Day And Media Availability

2014 NBA Finals - Practice Day And Media Availability

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Enough stars – Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Gordon Hayward – have changed teams in the last couple years to know how this goes. People say they don’t care so much whether a player leaves. They claim to care more how a player leaves. (Even though nobody ever finds a player’s exit tact good enough.)

How is Kawhi Leonard – who reportedly wants to leave the Spurs – doing on that front?

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Chris Haynes of ESPN:

There are two possibilities here:

1. Leonard leaked his desire to leave the Spurs before informing them and is throwing around words like “betrayal” to make them look bad.

2. Leonard already told the organization, and San Antonio is denying it to make him look bad.

Either would show the high level of acrimony here.