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Reporter unsuccessful at baiting LeBron James into discussing possibility of Dwyane Wade leaving Heat in free agency

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James


Dwyane Wade is in negotiations with the Miami Heat on a new contract. We know this because it has been confirmed by Wade’s agent, Henry Thomas.

The possibility of Wade choosing to leave the Heat in free agency if things don’t work out to his liking, however, has only been reported via information from anonymous sources -- which puts this semi-controversial topic in the rumor category for now, especially in the minds of Wade’s fellow players.

That didn’t stop someone from trying to get LeBron James to comment on the situation by giving him what ultimately amounted to false information.

From Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

Q: “What do you think about Wade down in Miami and how that may change things?”

James: “What happened?”

Q: “Wade is talking about opting out down in Miami because they don’t want to match whatever the contract was?”

James: “He said that?”

Q: “That’s what people are saying.”

James: “Did he say that?”

Q: “That’s what the reports are saying?”

James: “I’m not commenting on it. If Dwyane Wade didn’t say, ‘I’m opting out,’ then I’m not commenting on that.”

LeBron has been through these types of “gotcha journalism” situations far too often during his 12 NBA seasons, so he’s smart enough to avoid being embroiled in nonsense by asking the right questions.

But you can see why players have reason to be wary of speaking with the media, and often times give boring or clichéd answers in interviews essentially on purpose.