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Ron Artest loves Celine Dion. Seriously. She made him cry.

Ron Artest Celine Dion

It’s hard for Ron Artest to surprise me any more. The man will soon officially be Metta World Peace, what more is going to catch me off guard?

It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would go see Celine Dion in concert. Even Canadians. She has a big Vegas show, I go to Vegas fairly often (my in-laws are there, if you want to suck the fun out of Vegas have your in-laws move there) and have seen almost all the big shows. Except Celine. If given the choice between using comped tickets to her show or sitting in a Vegas suburb with the in-laws watching Lifetime Movie Network, I’m staying in.

So Artest’s twitter stream last night did surprise me (Kobe Beef was the first to point this out).

I’m at Celine dion concert! Backstage!! Wow!!! Me and my boys!! Wow!!! She said she love my Jimmy Kimmel show when I had my beard on!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! She bout to sing TITANIC!!!!!! Wow!!!!! Stevie wonder came out!!!

Celine made me and all my thug friends cry with the French song!!!! She cried !!! Wow!!!! She hugged me !! I got chills!! My nipples froze!

“My nipples froze?” I’m just moving on from that one.

I’ve really got nothing to say here. Other than if you’re going to see an overhyped Vegas show stick with LOVE, the Cirque du Soleil show to the Beatles music. It won’t make you cry, but there is no music from Titanic, either.