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Video: LeBron gets dunked on by Taiwanese player. Kinda.

LeBron James

Miami Heat star LeBron James speaks to media at a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan, Friday, Aug. 12, 2011. From Taiwan, James will begin a China Tour 2011 stopping in Chengdu, Xian, and Shanghai over the following six days. (AP Photo/Wally Santana)


The lockout may have changed a lot of things, but it hasn’t seem to have changed the number of people who want to see LeBron James embarrassed. People that savored the finals need their fix. People like Kevin Love.

For all of you, we bring you this video.

It’s LeBron playing in a Taiwanese All-Star game — heavily sponsored by Nike, just look around — when he has the ball stolen and he gets dunked on in transition.

It’s hard for LeBron haters to decide what part they like more — the smoke that comes out of the backboard after the play, or LeBron following it up by coming down the court, traveling and throwing the ball out of bounds.

Now, did LeBron really get dunked on? That’s up to you. Yes, LeBron is going one-quarter speed. Yes, he threw down some monster dunks we didn’t see (including an off-the-backboard to himself play. Yes he was going for a chase-down block. Yes, it’s a meaningless exhibition. Still, for plenty of people who missed hating on LeBron, they can get a little fix here. (Hat tip to Eye on Basketball and Larry Brown Sports)