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Warriors bash Utah writer after tweets about locker room

Draymond Green, Derrick Favors

Draymond Green, Derrick Favors


The Warriors beat the Jazz on Monday. Utah played reasonably well, but Golden State is 19-0 for a reason.

Though it was an entertaining game, the biggest drama occurred afterward.

Ben Dowsett of Salt City Hoops and Basketball Insiders:

Carter Williams of the Deseret News refuted Dowsett’s account:

But Dowsett held his ground:

At least on the TV-tweet anecdote:

Rudy Gobert saw the tweets:

But the Warriors ESPECIALLY saw the tweets.

Draymond Green chimed in:

So did Curry:

And Andrew Bogut:

Green expanded on a radio interview, as transcribed by CSN Bay Area:

“Looking at my Twitter blowing up, you had credible websites and credible publications tweeting that we were disrespecting them (the Jazz). And if you watched any of our interviews, we gave them all the credit in the world,” Green said. “They deserved it. Number one -- don’t tweet out what we are doing in our locker room if you aren’t interviewing us. That’s number one. Number two -- don’t lie and try to make it out like we are doing something that we’re not.”

There are a lot of layers to this.

1. I found Dowsett – good writer overall – to be a little sanctimonious with his surprise. The Jazz, even after their strong second half last season, are just 8-8. There’s little surprising about another team, especially one as successful as Golden State, not rushing to praise them.

2. That said, there’s nothing wrong with Dowsett tweeting the TV-tweet anecdote if he’s certain it’s accurate. What happens in a locker room while the media is present is not off the record. Players should realize that and act accordingly.

3. I’m always leery of writing about moments like that, because it’s so difficult to be certain I understand the context. Another reporter questioning Dowsett’s re-telling raises questions. So does Dowsett’s admission that he mischaracterized Curry’s laughter. As does Green’s denial. Green and Curry are around each other so much. A reporter swooping in might not fully understand their communication.

4. There is an upside to Dowsett revealing what Green said. The best writers show, don’t tell. It’s easy to say the Warriors didn’t respect the Jazz. It’s more effective to show how the Warriors didn’t respect the Jazz, and this anecdote does that. It sets a memorable scene, one readers will remember.

5 There’s also a downside to Dowsett sharing this story – even if he’s absolutely certain it’s accurate. Players dislike having their locker-room conversations made public. Many reporters would keep that moment to themselves in order to preserve relationships and prevent controversy. But make no mistake: Dowsett’s choice was strategic, not ethical. He had every right to share what he saw and heard if it’s accurate, which he maintains it s.

6. The idea that the Jazz are playing like champions is laughable.