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With COVID-19 hitting league hard, GMs reportedly talk roster expansion

Vincent Goodwell and Carron J. Phillips talk with Amin Elhassan about what to expect from the Warriors this season, how Steve Nash will handle Kyrie Irving and James Harden's rocky departure from Houston.

Before the season started, there was some talk of expanding NBA rosters to 19 for the season by adding a couple more two-way contracts per team (four total). That idea was shot down, and the NBA settled on keeping rosters at 15 regular roster players and two two-way players per team — but those two-way players can be up and take part in 50 games.

With the NBA up to 13 postponed games (as of this writing), a dozen in the last week, the league and general managers are revisiting the idea of adding at least one more two-way contract, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association must still agree on the details of granting teams an additional two-way roster spot for the balance of the regular season, but those talks are expected to soon culminate with an agreement and deeper roster options for teams struggling with COVID-19 issues, sources said...

NBA general managers have been enthusiastic in support of additional roster options this season, a broad sentiment that was shared with league office executives in a virtual meeting of NBA general managers Friday, sources said.

This would be a standard two-way contract, meaning the player must have three years of service with the league or fewer (teams can’t use this to sign Isiah Thomas or Jeremy Lin, for example).

Philadelphia coach Doc Rivers was asked about the roster expansion idea earlier this week and seemed lukewarm on the idea, noting that what your adding is an end-of-the-bench fringe NBA player, not somebody who is likely to impact winning in a positive way at the NBA level.

At this point, it may not matter if it just keeps the NBA on schedule playing games.

Expect to see something like this get approved by the league in the coming days.