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Bears can’t understand why they can’t win


The Bears surely long for the days when their 3-4 record was deemed simply “unacceptable.” Since then, a pair of blowout losses wrapped around a bye week have left folks in Chicago wondering when ownership will bid farewell to coach Marc Trestman and/or G.M. Phil Emery.

The franchise is reeling in the wake of Sunday night’s slaughter at Lambeau Field.

“I think we’re all searching for answers right now,” quarterback Jay Cutler told reporters after the game. “And we don’t really have a lot. So the next couple day, we gotta figure this out. Look inside each player, and find out what team we want to be on Wednesday. . . . To play like that, it’s embarrassing.”

“We have good players,” defensive end Jared Allen added. “We obviously aren’t a good team. When you get a beat-down like this, you can’t say much else. We have talent. We just need to find a way to win games.

“At the end of the day, you have to come back to work. It isn’t like we aren’t preparing right; we prepare well. We need to find a way to transfer it to game day. You have to be a professional. We don’t need motivational speeches; we don’t need a pat on the back. We get paid to show up and win games.”

Receiver Brandon Marshall thinks it comes down to one key quality: Confidence.

“Confidence is everything,” Marshall told reporters. “When you lose confidence as a player or as a team, you have no chance. Even the great teams, the great players go through seasons, whether that is a day, a week or an actual season, where it is a struggle. Right now, we are in that struggle and if you lose your confidence, there is nothing you can do.”

One thing they can do is get their confidence back. And they can get their confidence back only be winning a game or two. Or more.

To get to that point, they need another key quality: Leadership. Cutler claims it’s there.

“There’s a lot of leaders on this team, including myself,” Cutler said. “We’ve just got to stay positive and not let anybody do things [to] try to tear us apart. We’ve got to stick together, there’s gonna be a lot of stuff from the outside. And we know that.”

If the talent is there and the preparation was adequate, something is wrong. And the Bears need to figure it out. In six days, they’ll welcome the Vikings to the place where the Bears have yet to win a game all year -- their home field. It’ll be the first chance Chicago fans have to show up and let the Bears know how they feel about 51-23 in New England and 55-14 in Green Bay.

If the Bears are lucky, the fans won’t show up.