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Broncos will max out fake noise in practice to simulate Seattle crowd

Chris Simms and Mike Florio look ahead to kickoff for the 2022-23 NFL season as Russell Wilson makes his debut for the Broncos against his former team in Seattle.

For 10 years, quarterback Russell Wilson enjoyed the built-in advantage of a loud and raucous home crowd in Seattle. In his first game with a team other than the Seahawks, Wilson goes back to Seattle.

Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett told reporters on Tuesday that Denver will use maximum fake crowd noise at practice, in order to get ready for the disruption to come on Monday night.

“Obviously, turn it up as loud as we possibly can,” Hackett said. “Obviously, we know it’s one of the loudest stadiums. That and Arrowhead from my experience have been the two loudest. So we have to do whatever we can to make it so no one can hear. So bring your earplugs.”

The Broncos are nevertheless favored to win by six points at Seattle, one of 10 road favorites in Week One. As Chris Simms explained it on Tuesday’s PFT Live, teams have effectively utilized simulated crowd noise at practice in recent years as part of the overall uptick in succeeding away from home.

For Wilson, it’ll make his experience even more bizarre. Looking at the other sideline and seeing his former teammates and coaches will be odd. Hearing whatever he hears -- boos or cheers or both -- will impact him.

Ultimately, he’ll be hearing it when he’s trying to run the offense. The better he and the rest of the offense can deal with it, the sooner they can take the crowd out of the game.