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Carroll tells Rex to coach his own team, Rex fires back

Head coaches Rex Ryan and Pete Carroll exchanged some verbal fireworks after the Buffalo Bills and the Seattle Seahawks battled on Monday night.

After a hard-fought game on Monday night, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Bills coach Rex Ryan were still sniping at each other on Tuesday.

Carroll didn’t take kindly to Ryan having words with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman during the game, saying today that Ryan ought to focus on his own players.

“I just wish he’d coach his own team,” Carroll said of Ryan. “Just coach your own guys.”

Told of Carroll’s comments, Ryan wasn’t pleased.

“As a matter of fact I do coach my own guys and I’m proud of the team that I coach,” Ryan said. “We haven’t had the results that we shoot for every time but I’m proud of this group and yeah, I have no problem. I do coach my own guys but I forgot, I guess I should have asked Pete when somebody asked me a question about one of his players, I should have asked Pete about the appropriate response I guess.”

It’s a shame the Seahawks and Bills play each other only once every four years, and may never see each other again with Carroll and Ryan as their coaches. Because this is the kind of game that has the potential to create a bitter rivalry.