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Commanders change the years on their crest

Mike Florio and Myles Simmons are cautious about the NFL hiring Mary Jo White to investigate allegations against Dan Snyder, especially after her recommendations in the Panthers and Bountygate situations.

When the Commanders revealed their new name, logos, and uniforms 20 days ago, there was one particularly curious element within the team’s new brand.

The new Washington crest featured the years of the team’s five championships. But the listed years were when the championship game was played instead of the season.

So while the team had the proper dates from NFL Championships in 1937 and 1942, the three Super Bowl wins from the 1982, 1987, and 1991 regular season were (as pictured) listed as 1983, 1988, and 1992.

It was a clear problem, as no one refers to championship years like that. The Rams, for instance, will always be recognized for Super Bowl victories in 1999 and 2021 because that’s the season for which they won them.

A report indicated last week that the Commanders were already trying to update their crest with Roman numerals to represent their three Super Bowl wins. But the NFL requires approval for all changes to logos and team identities and reportedly denied the request.

It also likely would have looked odd on the crest to have years for the first two championships and then Roman numerals for the other three.

But on Tuesday, Washington revealed a new crest with the correct regular season.

“We heard you loud and clear,” the Commanders posted to Twitter. “Going forward, our crest will reflect our Super Bowl victories using the year from that regular season.”

So, a logo that presumably took over a year to create has now been changed just 20 days after its reveal.