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DeSean Jackson “could care less” about celebration criticism


Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson made one of the plays of the year when he turned a short pass into a 91-yard touchdown Sunday against the Cowboys, but people have been talking less about that touchdown this week than about the way Jackson celebrated, turning around and falling backward into the end zone.

Jackson knows people are criticizing him this week. And he doesn’t care.

“Everybody’s not going to like it,” Jackson said. “I could care less about who likes it and who doesn’t.”

I think Jackson means he couldn’t care less, but in any event, Jackson says he believes the fans like the way he celebrates his touchdowns.

“I do it because it’s entertainment,” Jackson said. “That’s the type of business we’re in, entertainment. The fans like it. Everybody else, like I say, you wanna talk bad about it, that’s your opinion, I could care less. That’s his own opinion. He’s his own man. I’m my own man. I coulda just wished I didn’t get penalized for it, to hurt my team, but as far as me doing my celebrations, doing my entertainment, that’s going to be me and I’ll still do that.”

Personally, my favorite way to celebrate a touchdown is the way Barry Sanders did it, handing the ball to the official and jogging to the sideline. Then again, there’s plenty of room in the NFL for those who emulate Barry Sanders and those who emulate Billy “White Shoes” Johnson. Jackson says he’ll keep celebrating his scores.

“I’m just going to be myself,” Jackson said. “I’m not going to change for no one.”