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A reader has pointed out to us that the thousands if not millions of items currently for sale on eBay include a letter supposedly from Steelers chairman Dan Rooney to a disgruntled Seahawks fan after Super Bowl XL, who had apparently attempted to undermine the Steelers’ long-awaited “One for the Thumb” by pointing to a handful of actual and perceived officiating errors. In our view, far more significant than the fact that the letter can be purcahsed is that it even exists. The letter includes a list of 20 reasons why the Steelers won the game, but only the cover letter can be seen in the image of the item that currently appears on eBay. The full text of the letter appears below. If it’s a fake, it sure doesn’t look like one. 22 February 2006 Dear Mr. [omitted] You are something special -- you watch a TV broadcast of Super Bowl XL, with all the interruptions, camera locations, replays and now know more than anyone else in America on what was wrong with the officiating. You review the plays from your own prejudice. Did you look at what was happening? I could go over the game and point out things that were just not perfect for the Steelers officiating, but why? The Seahawks held Casey Hampton, a great Pro Bowl player, on every play. But it’s over -- let it go. You say the best team didn’t win. The best team did win. They gave their all to gain the victory. The Steelers defense was outstanding from the kickoff to the final play. The offense made the plays to win. The only thing I will say -- the Seahawks are a good football team -- they kept it close -- but the Steelers were the best. I am pleased you are from [omitted], PA because I would be disappointed if you were from Washington. They are fine people. The Seahawks are a class team. I have much respect and high regard for Paul Allen and the Seahawk organization. Attached are a list of 20 reasons the Steelers won. Thank you for your interest, /s/ Dan Rooney cc: Commissioner Tagliabue Attachment